Video telematics and driver safety 

Experience true video telematics, enriched with photos, videos and live streaming from up to eight cameras. Gain full insight into your operation and driver standards with interactive reports, AI-powered event detection and validation with automatic video upload.

> Real-time visibility Instant tracking updates and livestream video

> Fast, efficient video On-demand and event-based video

> AI-powered events Driving event detection and validation using powerful AI

Real-Time Visibility

View your operation in real-time live GPS tracking, push notifications and optional live camera streaming

Cloud Video

Upload HD video footage from multiple cameras fast.  

AI Driver Safety

Monitor multiple driving risk factors and provide real time driver alerts. Enhance driver training using interactive reports.

Fleet Reporting

Manage productivity and activity more effectively with interactive, automated or instant reports in both CSV and PDF 

AI Event Detection

Automatically upload AI verified media & receive user notifications when severe driving events or collisions occur.

Remote Diagnostics

Automatic notifications of hardware health, setup and camera tampering problems  

Experience a full 360-degree view of your Vehicles

A tailored multi-camera solution for your fleet

Our solution combines fleet tracking, video footage, and driving standard monitoring to enhance fleet safety and efficiency. The multi-camera system ensures comprehensive coverage of vehicles, including blind spots and rear views.

Multi Camera solutions provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind for you & your business while we guide our clients in selecting the camera combination for their fleet

Experience a 360 view of your vehicle

Our multi-camera dash cam system offers the convenience of remote video download capability, allowing you to access footage on the go. Along with impressive video quality, our system provides enhanced functionality such as motion detection for detecting unsafe driving behaviour and incidents.


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Complete visibility of your vehicles 

Experience the comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety of multi-camera dash cam systems With the latest in multi-camera technology, our systems provide a 360-degree view around the vehicle, incorporating optional in-cab monitor to further enhance your driver safety

Get real-time insights into driving behaviour, fleet management and live visibility, optional live-stream with crystal-clear video footage improving fleet safety and efficiency. Stay informed and proactive with a multi-camera solution that enables you to effortlessly monitor every angle and aspect of your commercial vehicle 

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