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We know that although most transport planners are extremely talented and experienced, algorithms remove both the subjective and the ‘common sense’ solutions which sometimes inadvertently make fleet journeys less efficient.

For instance, if 80 deliveries are within a common zone and 10 are to outlying zones, a transport planner may allocate four vehicles to the common zone deliveries and one to the outliers. However, the algorithm could potentially divide the outlying deliveries amongst the original four vehicles, achieving the same overall mileage thus eliminating the requirement for a fifth vehicle.

Human experience and intuition are invaluable attributes however the software can often produce a counter-intuitive but more efficient solution produced by crunching the numbers significantly quicker than any individual.

Route Optimisation Software

My Transport Planner is a revolutionary, PAYG, web-based transport planning tool designed specifically to deliver measurable efficiency savings in five vital area's:

  • A saving in planning time
  • A reduction in total mileage
  • An increase in productivity
  • A reduction in costs
  • A reduction in emissions


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What can it do for me?

The savings can be realised in a number of ways including the ability to service more contracts due to the increased productivity or reducing vehicle numbers and saving the associated costs

Irrespective of the organisation type, it becomes more profitable and its impact on air pollution and the emissions per customer job should decrease.

What can I expect?

Multiple case studies have shown that fleet optimisation can produce productivity gains of up to 20%. This encompasses all types of commercial fleet activity including engineering and facilities management, utilities, final mile and courier fleets, waste collection, or hire and reward.

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What are you waiting for?

If you'd like to operate a cleaner, more efficient fleet and provide you're clients with market leading service levels all while improving your bottom line, then lets talk about Fleet Optimisation.  The commercial model allows you to sample the power of the solution and make your own mind up on its viability & commercial investment without tying into a long term agreement. Lets talk about your business and where our Fleet Optimisation tools will enhance what you do and how you do it.

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